Project Life Update

Full update coming out to all customers in the next few days – but in the interim, for those looking for an update on pre-orders, waiting for new stock to arrive – the wait is almost over. A truck load (literally) of the product ex-China arrived late yesterday afternoon (that’s the page inserts, the dividers and the two new bulk packs options) and its been a full on day working through the pre-orders and getting them ready for shipping. A good number of orders left this afternoon… and we anticipate all pre-orders that can logically be shipped should be on the way by end of day Monday. We are still waiting for our next shipment of Core Kits, some Binders and the Page Inserts “D” (all being arranged currently – with a delivery date April/May) and we have another enormous shipment of page inserts, dividers etc due in the next 3 weeks bringing us closer to the position we are striving for where the need for pre-orders are a thing of the past and we can hold sufficient stock to handle the increasing popularity of Project Life!

4 thoughts on “Project Life Update

  1. Yay! Thanks guys. You are doing an amazing job. Must be so hectic with all the new Project Life fans around. Your effort is so much appreciated.

    • Hi Jennifer… yes, the next manufacture of Core Kits should see them all back in stock April/May as indicated in the Shopping Cart and annotated now as “Pre-Order”.

      The Amber & Turquoise Binders, which have been released twice now and were considered “retired” (and in fact had all pre-sold before the last shipment arrived) have by popular demand been “un-retired” and will be included in this current manufacturing run … available April/May as indicated.

      Hope this explains the current situation.

  2. Mine arrived safely yesterday with many thanks. Have already been in to the store and bought up a couple of extra things. I managed to produce an entire album of vacation photos (with journalling!) in less than 2 days. This is revolutionary. The product is great and very cost effective. The core kits are great! Awesome work Mary and David!

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